metal tags with increasing number

Serial Number Tags

Serial number tags are often used for valuable items trackings with an integrated software. You can add as many data and variable on your metal tag as possible and track multiple information in one plate. That way you can focus on your efficiency of the tracking system and have no problems at all.

By using our metal labels that has variable data on it, you can track your items easily up to at least 10 years!

We have solutions for any kind of application in your warehouse. We provide you the most durable metal asset tags to last longer than any kind of other labels. Metal asset tags are often manufactured in. We offer stainless steel or anodized aluminium or eloxal aluminium material with back adhesive or with screwable assembly options. Our tags are resistant to harsh conditions. Such as extreme high or low temperatures, salty water (for ships), chemically risky environments and storms.

Serial Number Tags Frequently Asked Questions