Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

The technological improvements are raising the awareness for focusing on solutions and forcing people to more quality products. With this aspect, the customers are searching for suppliers that fit to their standards. Reliability, as one of the most crucial factors, comes into prominence as Rib Etiket ensures all kinds of certifications (CE, ISO9001) to his customers and satisfy them with both in verbally and in a certified document.
Our services and products are made in a professional systhem that covers before and after sales. We will always be providing you our new models as you are the biggest propellant factor for us to create new labels.
As the awareness of the quality of our products, the packaging methods, customer relationships should be at highest point, we give value to our customers and present our own quality for your decision making.

Environmental Policy

We have special filters for air and liquids for our machine parkour and emit zero greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Plus, we also take care of our staff’s working environment by taking the highest quality of precautions and work in a lab like environment. The responsibility of saving the environment is our top priority and we think nothing is more important than our own lives.