QR code Restaurant/Cafe Menu Labels (Set of 20)


QR code with your logo with high quality metal tags that has 0.5 mm thickness metal and 1 mm back adhesive.

Our unique metal tags are durable to sunlight and outside conditions.

1 set has 20 labels.

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QR Code Metal Tags for your restaurant tables as menu opener.

Material: 0.5 mm Aluminium
Back adhesive: 1 mm adhesive durable to outside conditions (such as sun light, rain, snow, humidity etc.) Resistant to wiping due to it’s special coating.

If you want a thin adhesive on the back, we can also do that by special request with no extra cost. But we recommend to use thin adhesive only if you are going to use the labels inside your restaurant/cafe. However our 1 mm adhesive is both durable to outdoor and indoor.

Durable to outside tables where you can stick the QR code metal tag on your table or anywhere.


IMPORTANT: This model is only for 1 QR code url. If you want individual unique QR codes per each tag, you can contact us for quotation.


Please keep in mind to not use third party apps to generate your QR codes. As this is a highly risky plan for your business and they will have the full control to charge you whatever they like. Instead, we can generate the QR code for you for free and permanently.


1.2"x1.2" (3×3 cm), 1.6"x1.6" (4×4 cm), 2"x2" (5×5 cm), 3"x3" (7.6×7.6 cm)

Corner Radius

No, Yes


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