Plastic Asset Tags

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Plastic asset tags.

Material thickness: 0.5 mm

Back adhesive thickness (optional): 1 mm

For higher quantities & different size please contact us for quick quotation.

Shipping: Express Shipping (4 business days to be delivered once your package is shipped.) Included in total price.


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Plastic Asset Tags

Plastic asset tags are used in variety of items such as furniture, shelves and warehouses to do tracking and latest condition of the asset.

As Rib Label, we provide you the longest durable asset tags and easiest scanning distance with your id tags.

That way, you no longer need to spend a lot of time scanning the barcodes and QR codes.

In addition, our plastic tags have 10 year lifetime to harsh outside conditions.

Durable to sunlight, extreme high or low temperatures, chemicals, humidity and other external factors.

The plastic is PVP material that is durable minimum 10 years and have 5 years warranty. The thickness can vary (0.3mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7mm)

Back adhesive has 1 mm thickness and designed to endure  between -30 to 150 C degrees.

Payment Method: Money transfer via bank account

-What are the advantages of your plastic asset tags? 

  • Flexibility to stick on oval surface.
  • Live colors
  • Durable to outside conditions and sun light
  • Cost effective

-What happens after making payment? 

  • We provide a customized template design based on your description and make you confirm the design.
  • After confirmation, we manufacture your labels and pack them attentively (many precautions to avoid any scratch or bending is proceeded)
  • Shipping to your address
  • Phone or text support as to how you will unpack, mount the labels.

For warranty conditions, please check the terms and policies document.

Go here for plastic tags without variable data and just for a specific design and logo.

Visit us on etsy for leather tags.

Corner Radius

No, Yes

Extra Options

Back Adhesive, Holes on corners, None


100, 200, 500, 1000


3×5 cm (1.18"x1.97"), 4×5 cm (1.57"x1.97"), 5×5 cm (1.97"x1.97"), 7×5 cm (2.75"x1.97"), 8×5 cm (3.15"x1.97"), 10×5 cm (3.94"x1.97"), 12×3 cm (4.72"x1.18"), 12×6 cm (4.72"x2.36")

1 review for Plastic Asset Tags

  1. Boris Carthy

    flexible and live colors. I liked it, thanks for your help choosing the right design for my assets! I will buy again

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