Curved Edged Metal Perfume Label with back adhesive


Customized metal label for perfume cylindrical and eliptical bottles. (Not for spherical bottles)

Material: 0.5mm thick aluminium

AVAILABLE COLORS: Mirror Gold, Mirror Dark Gold, Mirror Silver, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver, Brushed Rose Gold, White

All of our models have back adhesive.

Please send us email after purchasing your labels. We will prepare a template design and show you final confirmation. We will not manufacture or ship your labels before your final confirmation for your order.

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– Why should I prefer metal tags for perfume bottle?
The feeling of metal looks way more professional than a standard sticker label. The lettering shows your perfume bottle with great quality and becomes complementary for the looks of your product.

The metal label has a print and coating above. Thus, it will prevent any kind of liquid to damage on any surface. Our back-adhesive is also lifelong resistant to liquids.

When you receive your package carefully read the instruction paper on how to stick it on your surface.


1.2"x1.2" (3×3 cm), 1.6"x1.6" (4×4 cm), 1"x1" (2.5×2.5 cm), 2"x2" (5×5 cm), 3.5×3.5 cm (1.37"x1.37"), 3"x1.5" (7.6×3.8 cm), Less than 1" (<2.5 cm)

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20, 30, 50, 100


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