Plastic Barcode Labels

Plastic barcode labels are often used for valuable items trackings with an integrated software. You can add as many data and variable on your plastic tag as possible and track multiple information in one plate.

That way you can focus on your efficiency of the tracking system and have no problems at all.

We provide you the most durable plastic asset tags to last longer than any kind of other labels.

Plastic barcode labels are 2 types. We offer PVP or PVC (lexan) material with back adhesive or with screwable assembly options.

Our tags are highly durable to outside conditions such as sun light, storm, humid or dry air, salty water and acidic environment.

First off, we design your desired template and gave you an idea how exactly your awesome tags will look like. After your confirmation and payment, we manufacture your labels with our expert colleages in extreme delicacy. And then we pack them in a way that reduces the risks of damage to zero during shipment. Wait.. we are not done yet.

If you need an extra part, adhesive or any kind of label accessory or just a call so you can know how to stick your tags… we are always ready to give you remote support by phone or messaging. Our labels have 5 years of warranty and minimum 10 years lifetime.

Plastic Barcode Labels Frequently Asked Questions