inventory tracking software

Asset Tracking Software

Rib Label asset tracking software allows you to track everything from a single component to returnable transport assets and specialized tools. You can use RIB as a stand-alone solution or integrate our software to your ERP/business system.
Gain control over your fixed assets. RIB’s asset tracking system uses barcode, QR code scanning or RFID solutions for real-time reporting


Track and manage assets using one, user friendly tool. Maintain visibility and control of your assets, from location tracking to meeting requirements. 

Configure to meet your specific inventory tracking and management needs. Supplement an existing system or introduce a comprehensive Asset Tracking solution. Let our expertise in software, hardware, barcode and RFID technology make your job easier.

RIB can help you put everything in the right place with a simplified and reliable approach.

Some Features of Our Software

  • Monitor Inventory Levels

  • Change field names to match your unique process

  • Maintain customer and supplier data

  • Analyze Time Idle, Utilization & Life Cycle

  • Track Warranty Dates

  • Log Damage and Asset Condition

  • Manage Expiration