Where to use Barcode Metal Label?

Barcode metal labels are generally used on valuable assets for state tracking. Tracking of atm units, state tracking of tubes in factories, assets that are on shelves, liquid or gas tubes and any kind of assets that you can think of have to use barcode metal labels.

Why should I use metal asset label instead of paper label?

As Rib Label, we provide metal barcode label solutions that you can put on any kind of surface with desired temperature range and is almost impossible to unstuck from it’s location. In case of paper barcode label, it can easily be removed or damaged. You should consider the probability of your tracking system having a problem and the cost of this problem will be more than the cost of using metal labels.

Barcode metal labels are generally using Code128, QR Code or datamatrix variable types. As customer request, we can provide you a metal label that has multiple variables as well as serial number and model types.

On the other hand, if you use paper barcode label, your tracking system will not be reliable and easily damaged on extreme conditions.

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