Asset Tags

High quality durable ID tags for your valueables.
With back adhesive, you can easily mount it on any kind of surface with harsh conditions outside.

How we do it?

Original Design

A customized design is made by our team attentively.


The confirmed design is manufactured with the highest quality material under the hands of experienced team members.


The manufactured labels are packed with great attention, avoiding any kind of scratch or marks on the surface in a professional way. Particularly when packaging metal and plastic tags, we put paper in between to avoid any kind of damage.


The packed items are shipped via the shipping company we have agreement on with shipping insurance.

After Sales Support

After receiving the tags, we provide you phone support as to help you mounting the tags on your products in a professional way.

Asset Tags

Rib Label povides a whole vareity of asset tags made out of anodized aluminium, stainless steel and plastic materials. Our labels are under 5 year warranty and has a long durability compared to other manufacturers.